I’m determined to end the sales qualification phrase,
‘Find the decision maker.’ It’s old school.

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It’s hard to break old habits.

Reading this book and putting it into action is going to take courage and character. By reading this book, you’ll have taken the first step, and usually first steps are the hardest.

Treat the advice in this book as though you’re learning French in an immersion program. Give this change your all and don’t look back.

About the Book


Selling Above and Below the Line, Convince the C-Suite. Win Over Management. Secure the Sale focuses on one of the most important sales topics today—how to appeal to both user buyers and C-Suite buyers to simultaneously sell the technical and financial fit of any product or service. This strategy is successfully being used by big names in business today, including Google, Tableau Software, UGG, Virgin Atlantic and WebEx.

The book targets two key sales areas.

1. The first is cost, price, features and functionality, the “below the line” sales criteria that are well understood by experienced salespeople.

2. The other area, the “above the line” perspective, covers areas like ROI, time saved, risk lowered, and improved productivity. These are where top level executives generally focus and demand an ROI for their investment.

I’m grateful to have received passionate endorsements
from these renowned sales authors:

  • According to Neil Rackham, author of SPIN Selling, Miller’s book “Should help readers increase their success while shortening their sales cycles.”
  • Jill Konrath, author of Agile Selling and SNAP Selling, remarked, “Getting prospects to switch off the status quo is tough. In this book, you’ll discover how to leverage killer value propositions to create momentum and accelerate the sales process.”
  • “Skip’s book should not just be read, but followed. It’s a surefire guide to success,” stated Steve Schiffman, author of The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople.

In my experience, salespeople who master at selling both “above and below the line” in the sales process are rewarded with spectacular results. This book breaks down how to accomplish this type of success quickly and effectively.


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Skip is the author of the runaway best seller, ProActive Sales Management. Ranked #1 by Amazon for five consecutive years, it has been translated into multiple languages worldwide and has become the classic textbook for Sales Managers.

Skip Miller, author and president of M3 Learning, the premiere sales training company in Silicon Valley is a sought-after sale trainer and penned several sales books.

He is also President of M3 Learning. M3 Learning, a proactive sales and sales management training company headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA, is one of the most influential and successful sales management and training companies worldwide. More than 300,000 sales professionals in 38 countries have benefited from M3’s proprietary sales training tools, corporate training seminars and publicly offered sales school.



Other books by Skip include ProActive Selling, Knock Your Socks Off Prospecting, Ultimate Sales Tool Kit, and More ProActive Sales Management. ProActive Selling and ProActive Sales Management are currently being published as Second Editions.